Apocalypse Hunters

Developed by Apocalypse Hunters SA

July 2018 | iOS/Android

The World Is Your Playground!

Apocalypse Hunters is an active location based, fast paced collection card game (CCG), that interacts with the real weather! Build your deck and protect your city against all the creatures! Unlock new content and try new decks, to improve your strategy.

In an apocalyptic world where mankind plays God, a secret laboratory making living organic weapons with living creatures has exploded. The mutant beasts escaped with a unique virus. You are a bounty hunter and need to save the world from this threat neutralizing and capturing those monsters. Doctor Yuri who escaped from the explosion, will help you in your GPS quest.

Go , Collect and upgrade cards featuring mutant beasts with attacks, defenses and special points you love. As a hunter you will have to explore the map, walk with GPS in augmented reality, chase and capture beasts with an active vaccine to stop the invasion. Lead your tcg beasts to victory and save the world!.

Key Features:

  • ● Walk in augmented reality, find real locations, collect, chase and capture common, rare and legendary beasts around you (CCG)
    ● Earn Chems and Hunter Coins to unlock surprise box and go for new special cards
    ● Take advantage of your active location on the map or even the weather to chase cards and explore the city!
    ● Accomplish AR side missions to win chems.
    ● Explore the map and walk the city with GPS to collect more Hunter Coins and go for new ccg monsters
    ● Build and level up your card collection with new beasts
    ● Construct your ultimate Battle Deck to defeat your tcg opponents
    ● Build augmented reality AR camps in the real world and craft your own game currencies

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