Have a YouTube games channel with over 500 subscribers, and want to partner with us to receive a share of the revenues from new games we publish?
The benefits to you are:

  • A portion of the revenue each game makes is shared amongst the influencers that cover the game.
  • The developers will be alerted to your videos and encouraged to share them to their own community, therefore increasing the size of your own audience.
  • And of course, you get free copies of some amazing games 🙂


Q: Sign me up! What happens now?
A: Complete the short signup form so that we have all your details. As this is a new initiative we’re not sure when the first game will launch, but we’ll be back in touch once we know more.

Q: Do I still own my own content?
A: Absolutely, you own what you create 100%

Q: What are my commitments?
A: None. Even if you express interest in a game, you’re under no obligation to actually post a video about it.

Q: Are there restrictions on what I can / can’t say about the games in the videos?
A: No – it’s entirely up to you. We would recommend you mention that you’ve received a free copy of the game though, and to flag any such videos as containing an endorsement to YouTube in their Content Declaration section.

Q: So I can say anything I like about the games?!
A: Yes – even if you don’t like a game, we won’t be asking you to take the video down or serve DMCA takedowns. Obviously we can’t reward you for producing videos with illegal or highly objectionable content though.

Q: I don’t want to monetise my channel, it’s just a hobby.
A: You can still get the games ahead of launch, but not submit any videos you do of them for the revenue share scheme.

Q: Am I tied in to any kind of exclusivity.
A: No – you’re free to work with anyone else you choose. Our experience is that you’re more likely to attract other sponsors by featuring new games though.

Q: Do I need to upload my videos to anywhere else?
A: No, just to your own channel.

Q: Do I get to keep the games afterwards.
A: Yes.

Q: Can I see early versions of the game before it launches?
A: That’ll be up to the developers – some will be happy sharing this, others would rather everyone only played the finished product – we’ll let you know when developers are happy sharing early builds for you to look at if you want.

Q: How much can I make from featuring a game?
A: The million dollar question! Your share of the game’s revenues will depend on how well the game does, and how many views your videos featuring the game get.

Q: Could I get an affiliate commission from any direct sales my videos create?
A: This will depend on each game/developer, but we hope so.

Q: Will this help grow my channel?
A: We certainly hope so – as well as getting to play the latest games before anyone else, we’ll be passing links to your videos about each game to the developers, who will be raising awareness of the best videos and hopefully growing your own subscriber base.

Q: How is my revenue share calculated?
A: When you post new videos within the game launch window, you just send us the links, and all your combined views will be added together, and your revenue share will be based on the number views of your videos out of the combined views of other YouTubers who have also signed up with us.

Q: I’d rather just be paid a flat fee for featuring a game.
A: There’s plenty agencies out there that operate on that model – and if you have over 10k subscribers and would like to be introduced to some that we partner with please just let us know. But with us, everyone – the developer, you, and us – all operate on a revenue share basis, so the better each game does, the better we all do. Again, we expect that you’ll be more likely to attract other sponsors by featuring new games.

Q: Can I re-sell a game code rather than use it myself?
A: Absolutely not – this takes money out of the pockets of the game developers, and anyone caught doing this will be barred, the game codes will be voided, and all revenues earned to date will be forfeit.

Q: Can I do multiple videos about a game to increase my revenue share?
A: Yes, there’ll be a launch period of about two weeks for each game, and all videos you put up and tell us about will be factored into the revenue share calculation.

Q: I also have a Twitch stream and other social media channels
A: We’re just focussed on YouTube just now, but you can increase your revenue share by using any other social media channels to generate as many views of the YouTube videos featuring our games.

Q: How do I get paid?
A: We’ll pay out by Paypal, to an email address of your choosing. Because of the obvious security concerns, we’ll only ask for this when we need to ie when we’ve got money to send you 🙂

Q: Will the games all be from the same developer?
A: No, they’ll be from a variety of different developers

Q: I just want to play the game on my channel without signing up, is that ok?
A: Of course. You don’t need explicit permission, but if you want, enter your channel URL here and download a certificate.

Q: Will you be release VR games?
A: Hopefully one day, but not just yet.

Q: I know an amazing game in development that could be suitable for this.
A: Please get them to send us in a build, mentioning you, and if we take the game on we’ll add a bonus to your revenue share for that game.

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