Developed by Destimus

October 2018 | iOS/Android

All it takes to start your cozy angling hobby is a humble hook. Just click or tap to let your inner fisherman take the clickbait and become an angler idol!

Soon you’ll be overseeing automated fishing systems that cast the bait and lure for you. Boat your way to bigger lakes, unlock crazy contraptions, acquire new perks, reel in investments, and finally, let a new generation of fishers carry your legacy to conquer the biggest of lakes!

•Remove land tiles to expand your fishing area
•Place fishing tackle in water to boost your productivity
•Remove all land tiles to advance to the next level
•Retire your character when your progress slows down to get a permanent boost

Key Features:

  • Free-to-play
  • Puzzle-like fishing line rewards clever thinking
  • Numerous tools and perks to acquire and upgrade
  • Tap events reward active playing with fish and goldfish
  • Invest your catch to multiply it over time
  • Retire your character to start over with a permanent bonus

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