Fire Fu

Developed by Retrofist Games

February 2016 | iOS

Unleash the Fire Fu! Flame-up and prepare for a barbecue like never before…

Fire Fu is an intense and frenzied arcade game where you must set alight hordes of devilish critters with fierce and fiery martial arts. With fire at your fingertips, unleash scorching attacks and frazzle waves of enemies with speed and accuracy, leaving behind nothing but smouldering ash!

Fire Fu takes feverish gameplay to the next level. With 5 blistering magical potions to unlock, each offering their own special attacks; take down waves of unsuspecting enemies with Fire Fu moves that Bruce Lee himself would be proud of.

Developed by RetroFist – the original co-creators of visually stunning console titles; Hustle Kings & Pure Chess, Fire Fu is set over a variety of beautifully detailed, hand-painted worlds. Earn loads of blazing bonuses and achievements and use your Fire Fu skills strategically to blast your way to the top of the Global leaderboards, turning enemies to ash in a powerful display of flaming Kung Fu mastery.

Key Features:

  • Fiery, frenzied gameplay – blast your way through waves of creative enemies with fast reflexes and accuracy.
  • Luscious hand-painted HD art-style – a beautifully detailed art-style, complete with stunning environments to set ablaze.
  • Magic potions & special attacks – unlock and unleash 5 magic potions with beautiful effects for the ultimate high scores.
  • Scorching bonuses & achievements – loads of blazing bonuses and achievements to attain.
  • Hordes of creative enemies – unlock & disintegrate numerous enemies.
  • Devious challenges – put your Fire Fu skills to the test by avoiding bombs and other sneaky hazards.
  • Global Leaderboards – compete against the wider world for your place on the Global Leaderboards.

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