Pirate Quest

Developed by Subunderground Ltd

February 2017 | iOS/Android/Amazon

Pirate Quest is a blockbuster quality arcade game challenging you to battle your rivals on a quest for pirate supremacy. Raise your cannons, assemble your crew and prepare your ship for battle to go down in history as the most legendary pirate to set sail the seven seas. There are over 150 Pirate Quests for you to undertake on your way to the top, but are you pirate enough?

Key Features:

  • Explore over 50 Caribbean islands by raiding towns, looting treasure and sinking your rivals in epic ship battles!
  • Shoot cannons, plant mines and sacrifice your crew to defend your ship.
  • Conquer the 7 great pirate clans.
  • Visit the tavern to undertake over 150 Pirate Quests on your rise to the top.
  • Become a legend by upgrading your ship until it’s the most menacing vessel to ever set sail.
  • Put other pirate captain’s to shame with 1000’s of ship customisation options.

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