Soar: Tree of Life

Developed by e-Learning Studios

June 2017 | iOS/Android/Oculus

Relax and unwind with Soar, an exploration based adventure game designed to restore colour and beautiful music to a stunning but unforgotten land.

The Tree of Life has faded so a drought of colour has fallen on the Island of Paradise. The rings of colour need to be activated to restore the 7 colours and rejuvenate the tree.

Soar puts you at the heart of an incredible tranquil journey where you can collect your fellow birds, restore the sun and create beautiful music, leaving you with a sense of calm, in a relaxed state and feeling truly revitalised.

Unique Features:

  • Relaxing and simple controls, either by tilting your phone or simple push mechanics for turning.
  • 7 levels to complete to restore the 7 colours.
  • Beautiful and varied music for each level.
  • Unite the birds and colours to bring beauty back to the island.

Health Benefits:

  • An almost immediate relaxing effect.
  • Improves focus and reduces anxiety.
  • Lowers blood pressure and heart rate naturally.
  • Works as a sleep aid for people affected with Insomnia.

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