Spells of Genesis

Developed by EverdreamSoft

April 2017 | iOS/Android

Spells of Genesis is a fantasy trading card game that takes the collection and strategic aspects of trading card games and adds the addictiveness of arcade gameplay through its unique battling mechanic.

Build the strongest decks by collecting, trading, and combining orbs, and put them to the test against challenging opponents while exploring the fantasy realm of Moonga.

Deckmaking, trading and destroying your enemy’s orbs requires skill and cunning, are you up to the task?


Collect hundreds of striking cards to battle through the compelling story missions unravelling the mystery of the Void.

The world of Moonga is dangerous and exciting with a huge array of heroes, villains, monsters, animals & more to encounter, battle, collect and trade.


Spells of Genesis innovative battling mechanic requires strategy and skill. You might have the strongest deck, but can you win the battle?

Key Features:

  • Over 300 different orbs to collect, upgrade and combine!
  • Master the unique battling gameplay to defeat your opponents.
  • 150 levels and missions to play through.
  • Hundreds of hand-drawn character cards that can be combined to make even more powerful creatures.

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