The Island

Official Game of The Island

April 2018 | iOS/Android

Are you the next Bear Grylls?

Take on the ULTIMATE survival challenge and download the official game of THE ISLAND to find out.

This is a refreshing change from typical world-builder games! Learn to manage your resources carefully and skilfully.

With limited energy and time to complete the Daily Challenges and Tasks that will keep your islanders happy – and alive – The Island: Survival Challenge will truly put your tenacity, and perseverance to the test!

Key Features:

  • * FEATURING hints, tips and inspiration from world-renowned survival expert Bear Grylls* SURVIVE 15 day seasons with as many survivors as possible. Will all of your group make it through? Multiple seasons to play and replay* COMPLETE DAILY CHALLENGES before the sun sets each day to keep your survivors fed, watered and their morale high. Can you become a survival pro?* HARVEST and GATHER essential natural resources such as wood, water and vegetation – even items that have been washed up on the shore* CRAFT them into vital survival tools* BUILD shelters to aid Crafting – but watch out for the storms* HUNT wild turkeys and caiman, and FISH the shores for crucial energy boosts. Remember: if you want to eat, you’ll need to find it, catch it and cook it.* MANAGE the group’s energy levels carefully* MAINTAIN MORALE otherwise your survivors will leave The Island, making life harder for the remaining people in camp

    * METTLE is your ability to cope with challenges and difficulties. Earn it by successfully completing daily Challenges – and use it to help power your way through tough situations.

    * DECORATE your camp to give island life a personal touch – and make it feel more like home

    * REPEAT days for another chance to survive if things don’t go to plan – and they won’t!